iOS App Development Cost

Ever since Apple released its widely used operating system, businesses and enterprises have favoured iOS apps as their primary way of connecting and interacting with potential consumers. The next step is considering the iOS app development cost to set your budget. This guide will give some insight into what it might cost to develop an application for iOS and how to minimise expenses.

This article takes you on a journey through the iOS app development cost, examining factors that influence iPhone app development price and comparing iOS and Android app development costs  with present-day market conditions.

So, how much does it cost to build an iOS app? The iOS app development cost is estimated at $10,000 - $450,000 in the USA or UAE if you choose to outsource development services from mobile app development company . However, if you want to know the iOS app development cost in India, it might fall in the $5,000 - $100,000 range. 

Experts recommend outsourcing the iPhone app development, which is integral to developing a superior iOS application without compromising its quality and performance. Not only should the costs mentioned above be considered, but a further examination of the underlying components and backgrounds is essential when calculating the overall price of an iPhone app development project.

Let's begin by using the industry-approved method for calculating the iOS app development cost.

iOS App Development Cost Estimation

The cost of developing an iOS app or Android can be calculated based on the number of hours required for development multiplied by the billable hours of the resources spent.

Breaking down each aspect helps shed light on the different elements that go into the total iOS app development cost.

Certain factors need to be considered when deciding on mobile app development costs. These include tech stack, geographic location of the development team, UI/UX design needs, complexity level and type of iOS app. Additionally, other elements can contribute to the eventual iOS app development cost.

Factors affecting the cost of iOS application development

The app's features, functionalities and cost aspects will ensure that it meets the requirements of both customers and your business. Integration of additional features to meet customer demands is possible. Thus, your iOS app must have more business-oriented features such as navigation, payment gateways, etc.

iOS App Development Cost Based on Size

When you create an iOS app, you must consider the size and the number of screens and features because it affects development time and costs. There are various approaches to picking the features and functions for your app, so begin with confirming the app concept and its functions before starting the development phase.

It is also essential to conduct comprehensive market research, including competitor analysis and examining different consumer devices and features which impede satisfactory user experience. All this can be done by reviewing similar apps for your app concept.

The complexity of the iOS app

It is a given that an app's efficiency can be measured by its sheer number of features. We have divided these features into five categories, which significantly determine the iPhone mobile app development cost.

Model of Architecture- There are two main types of backend development- Custom and BaaS. Custom software backend development provides a tailor-made backend architecture, while on the other hand, BaaS development offers the pre-existing/ ready-made backend architecture.

Admin Panel development- The admin panel development is the main element of the app. It is designed to monitor actions taken on the app, view analytics and edit the app content anytime.

Integration of third-party apps- Your app certainly needs to interact with other external platforms for it to be able to perform specific tasks, such as using Facebook or Google for registration or linking with a finance app for transactions.

In-app purchase deployment- Most of the apps today include the option of in-app purchases for app monetisation purposes.

Deployment of device’s functions- Frequently, to ensure your app's better engagement and reach, you will need to integrate certain functions such as GPS and Bluetooth. It is, therefore, essential that you add these features to your app.

iOS app design

While answering the question, "What is the cost of developing an iOS app?" We must include the app's design process and animation as essential factors. Different designs, animations and illustrations will naturally come with varying prices for a single app.

Additionally, the app designs can enhance engagement and boost the business's conversion rate.

Wireframing- It is a great way to construct the user experience map and determine which features to include. Utilising tools such as Photoshop, Balsamiq, and MARVEL can make this process even more accessible.

UI Design- When developing apps for iOS, a flat design is used for a clear and dynamic presentation. Android, on the other hand, focuses more on material design, emphasising creativity and stark simplicity.

Animation- Animation can be an essential facet of certain apps, such as those for social media, restaurants, and gaming.

iOS app development team

 The cost of iPhone app development largely depends on which option you select – a freelance iPhone app developer or an experienced iOS app development company.

Development Role

Avg. Development Cost
(based on /hour)

iOS app developer


UI/UX designer

$15- $50

QA engineer


Business analyst


Project manager


Scrum master


It is evident that individual recruitment can be expensive; therefore, hiring a full-stack iPhone app development team from a reputable app development company is more economical.

iOS app development team location

Location is a significant factor in determining the iPhone app development cost. For instance, the price of iPhone app development in India differs from that in the US.

Services worldwide have varied considerably in terms of their cost as well as quality. This contrast is especially notable between the East and West.


iOS App Development Cost



United States 








The cost of developing an iOS app goes beyond the initial estimate since launch, and upkeep is another vital component to consider. Understanding that these post-development facets add to the final expenditure is essential.

iOS App Launch

The main goal of constructing an iOS application is to get the App Store's acceptance, yet this cannot be easy. Only some apps get accepted- they must comply with all the regulations set out by the App Store. Therefore succeeding in publishing apps on the App Store takes more effort and consideration.

iOS App Maintenance

Once your app has been released, the work doesn't stop there. There are additional elements that can increase the overall cost of iPhone app development, such as the iOS app maintenance- as part of the broader cost associated with developing an iOS app.

iOS app maintenance costs include the following:

Regular Updates 

With regular changes in technology, your app needs constant updates to match new releases of the OS. You can ensure that it remains compatible with the latest version and guarantee a seamless experience for your users.

Troubleshooting Bugs

Preventing bugs is essential no matter what stage your app is in, whether it has launched or is still in development. Keeping your app bug-free comes with an increase in your overall iOS app development cost, so it's wise to stay vigilant.

Updating App Design

Regular technology change is needed in every aspect to improve and be mindful of potential areas for enhancement. The cost of sustaining an iOS app's front-end design can be significantly elevated by constantly updating its design and refreshing its look.

Hidden iOS App Development Costs, You Should Know About

The abovementioned cost factors are evident, but some hidden iPhone app development criteria might slip through the net. We have compiled these below to ensure you don’t miss out on any detail on the iOS app development cost.

Hidden Cost Factors 

Average Cost/Year

Annual iOS updates 




App developer account cost


Monitoring and maintenance


Data storage


You have undoubtedly acquired enough knowledge to make an iOS app for your business. However, analysing the Android and iPhone app development frameworks would be wise before jumping to conclusions.

Analysis of iOS and Android App Development Cost

Design of App

Design for Android and iOS is similar regarding the time spent building intuitive and functional UI Design. However, there is a tendency to consider the quality of iOS app design higher than that of Android. This could be attributed to Apple's high App Store standards.

Development time

It is difficult to predict how long it will take to build an iPhone and an Android app. There are numerous factors which can have an impact on the speed of the process.

The coding and language used in developing Android apps are Java and Kotlin, which requires more code lines than Swift (iOS app development) or Objective-C. This distinction makes iOS development faster when utilising Swift.

Fragmentation has a significant impact on Android and iOS app development costs. For Android, you must be ready for a wide array of devices with various screen sizes and operating systems.

Apple has over 20 devices that simplify the fragmentation process, saving development time and cost compared to Android. This factor also makes iPhone app development cost comparatively cheaper.

Testing process

Testing is an integral part of the development process and must be considered when deciding which is better, between iOS and Android app development.

As mentioned previously, the device fragmentation for iOS tends to be much faster than for Android, making the testing process more straightforward. With Android, however, testing can be an incredibly lengthy affair; one needs to test the app on a multitude of devices featuring different resolutions, screen sizes and OS versions.

App development rates

The language used in the Android and iOS development processes is the basis of this differentiation. As previously stated, applications for iPhones are created using Swift or Objective-C, which are costlier than programs for Android constructed with languages such as Kotlin and JAVA. This difference in pricing exists because iPhone developers charge up to 10 to 15% more when working with Swift or Objective-C.

App launch

Apple has stringent guidelines for submitting and publishing apps, making approval tricky. Once your app is approved, you must pay an annual fee of $99 to list your app on the App Store. Meanwhile, The Play Store only requires a one-time fee of $25 and is more relaxed regarding rules and regulations.

You are now aware that numerous development costs are associated with creating an iOS app. Collaborating with a proficient iPhone app development company is suggested to ensure a cost-effective and smooth development process for your iOS app.

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Benefits of iOS app development

High App Revenue
iOS has been a front-runner in generating revenue, despite having a much smaller global market share than Android.

According to Statcounter, Android is the leader in global market share for mobile operating systems, claiming over 71.52% compared to iOS's 27.83%. However, Apple has seen tremendous app revenue success from 2016-2020 than its Android counterpart.

Better Security of Data

iOS is the favoured platform for business applications due to its top-notch enterprise data security and accessibility. Additionally, it is an ideal setting for businesses to implement BYOD principles and features that allow for centralised administration and device management.

Good Quality Standards
The perception of quality and standards surrounding iPhone apps is high. Therefore it is necessary for any iOS app which wishes to be deployed on the App Store to pass the meticulous assessment conducted by Apple.
Although it might be an obstacle, publishing the app will give you more positive feedback than releasing it on the PlayStore.

Tech Geek Audience

iOS users tend to be more accepting of innovation and are often tech-inclined. Because of this, developers get a chance to create forward-thinking, unique, and imaginative applications.

Low Fragmentation

One of the significant benefits Apple has over Android or any other operating system is its closed ecosystem. This controlled environment only allows iOS to be installed on a specific and limited list of devices. When contemplating testing an app for Android, it is necessary to ensure it is compatible with all the different smartphone brands and their variants. However, with Apple, you get many benefits of iOS app development, you need to only focus on providing it works appropriately with iPads and iPhones.

FAQ on iOS App Development Cost

Q. How much does it cost to develop an app on iOS?

A. Developing an iOS app in the US or the UK may cost around $10,000 to $450,000, whereas you can attain the same services from India for a relatively cheaper rate of between $5,000 and $100,000.

Q. What affects iOS mobile application costs?

A. A variety of elements can affect the final cost of iOS app development.

The cost to develop an app is based upon the hours spent on the development process and what type of app it is: enterprise, social media, or a standalone app.

The app's complexity is a considerable factor taken into account when calculating the cost, in addition to the location where it is created, team size of developers, design and deployment costs, maintenance charges etc.

Q. How to estimate iPhone app development cost?

A. So, we cannot accurately depict the cost of creating an iPhone app, yet a formula has been created to calculate it. This formula considers the number of hours spent on its development and multiplies that by the amount of billable hours used by the resources involved.

Q. Why choose iPhone apps for business?

A. Developing an iPhone app has various advantages for any business. It can improve visibility, increase customer engagement, and more efficient operations. Moreover, creating a dedicated app gives companies direct access to their target audience, thus building loyalty and trust.