Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai 2023

Plusone Tech, a top-ranked mobile development company based in Dubai, has been transforming incredible concepts into ground-breaking software for globally-minded businesses with a staff of top-vetted developers operating across various nations.

Additionally, the app development team at Plusone Tech has the skills and knowledge to construct unique mobile apps for each client. Plusone Tech is a pioneer in developing feature-rich, responsive, highly intuitive, and user-friendly AR, VR development, Android, and iPhone apps that operate well and offer a superior user experience. Top iOS and Android developers work there.

We are a driven group of tech enthusiasts providing next-generation mobile app development solutions for businesses, startups, government organizations, and international brands in the UAE.

Android Application Development

The Google Play Store is the world's largest app store, making it the best platform for creating native apps, according to several sources. We are a top-tier bespoke solution provider for smartphones, tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

iOS Application Development

Our Dubai mobile app development team creates next-generation IOS apps thoroughly tested for quality. We are a full-stack iOS app development Dubai company. To date, we have released hundreds of native iOS applications that have seen exponential growth in the success rates of our client's businesses and dominated the App Store charts.

Flutter Application Development

If you want your business to be present on various platforms, think about employing our Flutter app development services. Your best product-market fit will be determined by our highly skilled team of app developers in Dubai, who will then design, develop, test, and deploy whole Flutter applications.

React Native Application Development

Our React Native app development service specialists can build react native apps from the ground up or integrate the framework into an already-existing application to speed up the app delivery process. In order to align the app with your corporate objectives, our experts will meet with you to learn about your product vision.

Progressive Web Application Development

As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we provide high-end progressive web application development services with the look and feel of a mobile app but the reach of the web. Our progressive web applications guarantee a fluid performance and maximum user engagement for your company.

Wearable Application Development

Our team of skilled developers at Plusone Tech knows how users' expectations change when they go from smartphones to wearables. Our team provides end-to-end wearable app development services in Dubai, from ideation and design to the integration of APIs and app deployment, all while keeping the user's intended purpose in mind.

Web Application Development

We provide dependable and expandable web app development services in the UAE that are specifically designed to address your company's difficulties. By implementing the most recent web technologies and following the agile process, we create online portals that offer the best performance, cost-efficiency, and growth potential.

Why is Plusone Technologies the Leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai?

We are an experienced and competent group of developers driven by our unrelenting quest to create cutting-edge Android application development solutions for various sectors. The many honors and accomplishments we have racked up over the years are evidence of our dedication and diligence in our job.

In order to precisely fulfill our client's needs, we provide a variety of engagement models. Whether you require a fixed budget model, a time and material model, or an entire dedicated development staff, we can meet all your needs.

As the top mobile app development company in Dubai, we ensure that our lines of communication are always open so that our clients may get in touch with us anytime they need to. We make sure customers are put in touch with the appropriate team of professionals and receive the proper answers on schedule.

Industries Transformed With The Best Mobile App Development Services in UAE

Our love for technology has helped us build a loyal clientele in Dubai and other UAE locations. We owe our stellar team of mobile app developers a debt of gratitude for this expanded portfolio.

Industries We Cater To:


Transparency and real-time operations are necessary in every sector of the economy. Our on-demand mobile app development company in Dubai created some of the most logical speedy applications globally. We combine your business concept with convenience and responsiveness to create apps that establish your company as a household name.


The internet is a world market. Consumers are no longer constrained by the limitations of region and language. They encourage and support online shops that offer convenience, excellent value, and wonderful shopping experiences.

To stand out among inferior app solutions, your business needs the know-how, experience, and technological power of an industry leader. All of these services and more are offered by Plusone Tech, an e-commerce application development business. It is a leading developer of e-commerce software, providing clear, original solutions to complex issues to clients across various continents.

We have created specialized tools and cutting-edge solutions through our e-commerce app development services to fulfill the expanding mobile commerce app development needs. If you want to improve your e-commerce company's online exposure, get started with us immediately.

Mobile Game App 

With our cutting-edge solutions for custom app creation, we turn your game app concepts into reality. We have a proven track record of producing compelling and addictive Android and iOS games for the most prestigious companies across the world. We are a leader in the mobile game app development market. Our highly skilled development team uses innovative technologies and mobile programming strategies to produce stunning, high-resolution mobile games that work flawlessly on the intended platforms, user interfaces, and hardware.


By working with us to develop a high-performing, scalable, and secure travel mobile app solution, you can provide your clients with the greatest possible user experience. We are experts in creating unique travel apps with features that guarantee your clients will always have a hassle-free trip. Our travel app solutions include all the fundamental and cutting-edge features that will help your company increase engagement and meet client expectations.


We provide scalable and adaptable restaurant app development services that can best assist you in digitising and maximising your food and restaurant business.


Our event app development professionals provide your customers with a flawless user experience. Our specialists provide event management software with simple navigation and intuitive user interfaces tailored to the customers' demands.


At Plusone Tech, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to use cutting-edge technologies to build advanced aviation software solutions. Additionally, we have always been at the leading edge of technology since we created scalable aviation products.


We design cutting-edge finance app development solutions that elevate the user experience for your clients and increase income for your company.

Real estate

We are a real estate mobile app development company in Dubai that unites buyers, sellers, and real estate agents on a single platform. Our elite app developers work with you to create an outstanding real estate application with cutting-edge features and functionalities.


We create dependable healthcare app development services that alter patient care and raise the standard of care provided by the healthcare sector as a whole.


We are a dynamic logistics software development service provider that can fulfill all of your operational needs. Our professionals use new technology to provide modern logistics software solutions that improve the overall client experience and streamline your logistics operation.


Plusone, one of the leading providers of agriculture software, supports the incorporation of automated solutions into your agricultural enterprise. Our professionals know your business needs and provide you with the best agribusiness consulting and unique solutions.

Technologies We Work

Artificial Intelligence

Utilize our seamless mobile app development services to integrate AI-based algorithms like Deep Learning and Machine Learning and produce a top-notch mobile app with innovative features.

Big Data

Utilize our mobile application development services in Dubai to create a scalable strategy for growing your company and a dependable method for data analysis.


With a blockchain-enabled mobile application, you can safeguard your data and create a decentralised ecosystem for your business.


An IOT-supported mobile application can monitor your company's operations within a safe and well-built infrastructure.


Create next-generation mobile apps that function well and help you save money by using AR enterprise training software to create 3D prototypes. Increase the effectiveness of your operations with mobile applications that enable augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

Cloud Computing

By migrating your mobile strategy to the cloud, you may improve your business environment's safety, scalability, and connectivity.


By simulating your business plans and activities in a virtual meta environment, create a spectacular multidimensional vision that characterizes your company.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Our business-friendly and modular process for developing custom mobile apps in Dubai.


The initial step in our approach to developing mobile apps is consultation. Prior to noting the complexity of the development process, we must determine the client's requirements. By studying the market, our team of passionate mobile app developers in Dubai carries out their own portion of the research.


Being one of the well-known companies for mobile app development in Dubai, we don't start designing the wireframe until we are certain that we fully comprehend the client's requirements. Before beginning the process of developing a mobile app, our professionals mind map, brainstorm, and test the concepts.

Design Approval

The concerned individual receives the design quickly after it has finished wireframing. The client is informed of the finished design and asked to approve it or make any necessary adjustments. Our staff takes into account their feedback before continuing with the development process.

Development Stage

The creation of the admin panel kicks off the development stage, which then moves on to the main steps of developing a mobile app. Performance testing and quality assurance are afterward stressed by our knowledgeable and competent mobile app developers in Dubai and the UAE to guarantee the app's smooth operation.


Our team presents the entire system to the clients for their evaluation after being pleased with the application's performance. When developing a mobile app with strong performance, we align the best practices.

How We Are the Best Leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai?

The success of Plusone Tech across the globe and in Dubai speaks volumes about the organization and the values we uphold. We aspire to provide high-value and problem-solving digital products for businesses that assure sustainable growth, scalability, and success in the fiercely competitive market of Dubai, and we have plans to expand our reach beyond the UAE.

The leadership of the organisation ensures a setting made up of tech-driven and experience-led digital solutions that will support Dubai's entrepreneurial culture by bringing our skilled team of certified software engineers, product developers, Q/A Engineers, and business strategists to the area.

The digital transformation package from Plusone includes all the tools organisations use to seize opportunities, make strategic plans to deal with global uncertainties, and maintain the viability of their markets and business models.

Agile Prototyping

In order to achieve swift prototype development and quick delivery of a solution that fits the app's scope, our team of app developers collaborates closely with our clients to make well-informed development decisions.

Exceptional Ideas, Perfect Execution

We construct a custom app design and development strategy across the mobile app development lifecycle to build an app that captures the attention of your target customers, from the killer app idea through the successful launch.

Eagle Eye Vetting

To guarantee that every app we produce offers the best user experience possible, our quality assurance team works with functionality, usability, performance, and cross-platform issues. To guarantee on-time delivery and satisfied customers, we make proactive efforts.

Robust Mobile Solution

Creating a sizable and enthusiastic user base is essential for corporate success. Our mobile app development company in Dubai offers your company strong and cutting-edge mobile app development solutions.

Custom, Cross Platform Delivery

In order to help you stay on top of the game, our skilled mobile app developers provide cutting-edge mobile app development solutions using cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Assistance & Maintenance

Delivering fully functional mobile app development solutions allows us to forge deep connections with our clients and our team of technical support personnel, who are on call around the clock.

We have Top Mobile App Developers in Dubai UAE 2023 - Plusone Tech.

Plusone Tech has a team of vibrant, young, and passionate specialists who are honestly committed to turning fantasies into exhilarating realities. With specializations in several areas, we help our clients advance to the pinnacle of optimization. We are renowned for generating income for our clients through marketing and winning their trust through our unwavering ingenuity and friendliness.

FAQ on Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai 2023

1. How can I launch an app in Dubai?

You can create an app on your own and release it, hire a team to create your app or outsource the creation of your app to Plusone, the industry leader in providing outstanding mobile applications to businesses.

2. How much time does it take to build an app?

It relies on the client's overall requirements as well as the functionality, features, complexity, and UI/UX. The creation of a mobile application can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months on average. However, if more complex features must be added, the program must go through multiple iterations or other modifications must be done while still in development, the time frame may grow.

3. What is the cost of app development in Dubai?

There is no simple answer to this issue because the cost of mobile app development depends on a variety of criteria such as category, features, technologies used, mobile app development platform, and much more. But in Dubai, developing an app typically costs between AED 40,000 and AED 182,000.

4. What type of mobile app development services does Plusone Tech offer?

We provide inspirational and highly engaging mobile app development in Dubai, UAE. Fresh concepts, design, development, and implementation are the foundation of our app development services. For various sectors, we have developed native and hybrid mobile apps that run on several platforms like Android/iOS, Windows, and many others. We meet and exceed all of our client's expectations. Plusone is the best mobile development company in the UAE.