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As pioneers in the world of augmented reality and virtual reality, Plusone Technologies has years of experience building both enterprise and consumer-level AR/VR applications. Our services are one of its kind and marks the first step in our mission to help businesses through technology adoption.

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We are a well-known AR VR Development Company that combines creativity with experience to create highly immersive applications for your brand designed to have an emphatic impact on the market. This is achieved through our selection of AR/VR app development services. We specialize in AR/VR development and can help you stand out by utilising our agile, user-centric, and measurable product development process.

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Benefits of Using AR & VR Technology

  • Embrace mistakes in training without real-world consequences.
  • Provide a rich, immersive, and interactive environments for users.
  • Create value through the personalized concept of ‘try-before-you-buy’.
  • Brings your product or service presentation to another level.
  • Increase brand awareness via shares on social media platforms.
  • Generate detailed analytics for understanding user behavior

Why Choose Plusone Technologies for AR & VR Development

  • We are shifting the innovation curve toward an interconnected future by enhancing AR through IoT integration and AR-enabled smart devices.
  • We can integrate third-party hardware including headsets, contact lenses, 3D projectors and screens, cameras, position trackers, motion capture, etc.
  • We create an AR/VR experience that feels realistic and functions as close to the real environment as possible 
  • We can help you choose the right platform and hardware for your product and we know how to get the revenue flowing in your AR-enabled app.

Our Work


TheShakeHand is a tutor and student marketplace platform to find tutors with one simple goal - to provide a high-quality education system at the most affordable cost.

PlusOne created two methodologies of Online and Offline teaching and both options are prevalent on the web as well as the app. With a student and teacher registration, the product focused on connecting the entire ecosystem with one solution, making it convenient for all stakeholders. The platform essentially acts as an e-store for tutor services, whether they be school or out of school subjects.


PlusOne built an end-to-end home chef and delivery solution.

The solution focused on enabling home chefs to sign up to the platform and at the same time then begin to create their own restaurants, which customers could view and order from.

The solution also focused on the entire supply chain process including the end delivery to the customer, with ratings and reviews of drivers as well as chefs. Three different interfaces, which all have to operate in unison to ensure that the products are readily available and customers can place orders as well.

Top AR & VR Developers in India

Our exceptional team of AR & VR developers recently launched the VR Roadshow in Gurgaon to educate organizations and business leaders on the practical applications of VR through hands-on edutainment and in-person demonstrations.

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Our Achievements as a Technology Partner

We provide businesses with the tools needed to succeed in a fiercely competitive blockchain environment. This includes robust smart contracts, decentralised exchanges, NFT marketplaces, metaverse virtual worlds, and other Web 3.0 products.


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Great Service

An amazing company that has truly revolutionised our business. They have built out an application for us which has now increased our size tenfold. We have been able to also integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable forecasting. They have helped us in every scenario, even when there are challenges with external vendors, PlusOne gets involved to facilitate these as well. We thank them for their dedicated support and definitely recommend them as a tech partner.


Rajpal Sangwan

Owner Pizza Wings

Awesome work

I always have the best experience with PlusOne. Thank you for getting back to us in a timely manner and helping us with the littlest or biggest of problems when it comes to our computers. Thank you for making sure our technical needs are always taken care of. 


Deep Pandey

Tips and Tops

Happy with their service

We had an amazing experience with PlusOne. They have always been diligent and facilitated our perceived and non-perceived requirements. A truly innovative company, that creates some fabulous designs. We had so much trust in them they ended up managing our entire channel for digital hotel room bookings and their subsequent websites.


Ravindra Jain

Ranthambore Regency

Happy with their service

PlusOne Technologies and I worked on getting my new website launched with everything I envisioned for my site. My experience of working with the amazing developers and everyone else involved with the team really showed me the dedication in their work to get my website completed from ground zero to fully furnished. PlusOne is a team that became a family someone I could rely and depend on when situations demanded more collaborations.


Roberto Leonn


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