How much does Android app development cost


Are you curious how much it costs to develop an Android app and turn your brilliant idea into a reality? Whether you're an entrepreneur or an established business owner looking to expand your reach and offer seamless experiences to your customers, now is the right time to plan an Android app development project. 

In this Blog, we'll understand the key factors influencing the Android app development cost to explore options available and prepare to unravel the mysteries behind bringing your ideas to life in the ever-evolving realm of Android apps. 
Android have 2.8 billion active users, occupying 75% of the market share for mobile app development. Over 130 million active Android app users are from the US alone as more digital companies transition to Android app development. No doubt, your first query should be focused on "How much does Android app development cost" and the elements that could have a bearing on your expenditure in 2023 and beyond. The average estimated Android app development cost varies and largely depends on your project specifications. Generally, it can range between $20,000 to over $300,000.  Various elements can significantly influence the cost of creating an Android application. To keep you from exceeding your budget, this blog is a superb source of all the relevant factors that affect the cost of Android app development and how to curb expenses while developing your Android app.

Factors that affect the Android app development cost

Mobile app development companies can only provide an approximate Android app development cost estimate immediately when you are ready to develop your app.
Examining the needs of your app by the mobile app development team is a critical first step in the Android app development Techniques. There are several factors that affect the cost of android app development. Here are some examples:

1. Product requirements

Product requirements are vital in determining the Android app development cost. These requirements refer to the unique features, characteristics, and abilities the app must have to meet its users' expectations. Several significant components of Android-based applications can add complexity and, in turn, contribute to the cost:

The standard of deployment architecture- For app backend development, there are two options: BaaS and Custom. BaaS supplies a pre-made architecture for limited modification, whereas Custom backend development offers an architecture built from the ground up specifically for an individual application.

Integration with third-party applications- It is a crucial aspect of your Android application, allowing it to access various services and functions. This feature includes signing up using Google, Gmail, or Facebook and making in-app purchases with payment apps.

Building of admin panel-  The administration panel is a critical part of any application, allowing users to monitor operations and activities, analyse associated data and statistics, and manage content without requiring Android app development assistance.

In-app purchase functionality- Your Android app would require a payment gateway integration to enable users to make monetary transactions from within the application without depending on other payment methods.Your Android app will need to access the device's hardware functionalities. This feature could involve accessing functions such as GPS and Bluetooth, increasing complexity and will directly inflate the Android app development cost.

2. Type of Business Model

The type of business model a company adopts can affect the cost of mobile app development. Different business models have distinct degrees of complexity and features, which impacts the Android app development process and overall cost.

E-commerce/M-Commerce Model- M-Commerce applications like Amazon and Wayfair have grown increasingly popular, as they are equipped with many features that ensure they can be used effectively in real time. These types of mobile applications serve millions of users simultaneously and have heavy-duty security.

Social Networking apps have been developed to facilitate third-party integrations and provide access to hardware functions, such as cameras and audio recorders etc. These apps are highly scalable and must support millions of users simultaneously.

The cost of social media apps is greater than that of more simple Android apps due to their complexity.

On-demand apps- There are three most prominent versions of on-demand applications - one for users, another for individuals who provide services, and one for business.

Hardware-based apps- All IoT-dependent applications rely on hardware devices to perform specific tasks like extracting information or sending commands for a particular action.

3. App animation and design

The Android app animation and design process is a crucial component that affects the cost of creating an Android mobile app. There are many designs and animations available, and implementation costs can depend on their type and quality.
Design is typically more suitable for iOS. The cost of Android app design is another notch in the belt, contributing to the final Android app's development cost.

Wireframing: It is employed by developers to create compelling user experience features and maps. They rely on special tools such as MARVEL, Balsamiq, and Photoshop.

Animation: Android app Animation can provide an interactive and exciting experience for applications in various industries. From gaming to social media, animating certain features of one’s application is a great way to make it intuitive and captivating to a certain extent.

In the Android app development budget, the most crucial aspect is to submit the app successfully to the Play Store. However, you must follow specific prerequisites and Play Store guidelines to get the app approved.

Additionally, Google demands a one-time fee of $25 to launch the Android app.

Maintenance of the Android app

Your Android app development expense continues after successfully publishing the application on the Play Store. App maintenance is a critical and costly step to undertake. Your app's frontend and backend maintenance can cause the total Android app development cost to rise significantly.

The budget you need for maintaining an Android app will depend on the development scope and modifications. To get a better idea of maintenance prices, it is best to consult your Android app development team.

Android app development team

Your choice of developer largely determines the cost of Android app development. Your options range from a reliable Android app development company, local team, or in-house development squad to freelance Android developers.

A proficient Android app development company can provide your business with a range of impressive capabilities to maximise the reach of your app. Their expertise and experience can ensure that the application has all of the necessary features and functions to ensure success.

Calculator to Estimate Your Android App Development Cost

Experts in the industry have developed a formula to accurately determine the cost of Android app development. This takes into account the amount of time (in hours) the development process requires and then multiplies this figure with the billable hours of resources used during this period.

Comparative Analysis of Android vs iOS App Development Cost

Determining which mobile operating system to choose for app development can be difficult. Android and iOS are the two primary options, and you can choose to create an individual app for each or opt for a cross-platform solution. Below is a comparison of the associated costs of each platform, plus relevant factors. This detailed comparison between the cost of developing an app on Android vs iOS should make the decision easier for you to make.

App development cost

The cost of app development largely depends on the time consumed in the mobile app development and the technology employed during its creation.

Android and iOS applications differ in their development languages: Kotlin and Java programming languages are used for Android apps, while Swift and Objective-C are utilised for iOS. Developers specialising in the latter two charges a 10%-15% higher rate than Java developers, which makes Android app development less costly than iOS.

App design

The time invested in creating engaging and instinctive UI designs for Android and iOS apps is similar. Additionally, due to the flexible guidelines of Google, Android app development allows ample room for experimentation and innovation. 

App Testing

Developers can find testing Android apps to be a complicated undertaking. Unlike iOS app development, an Android application must be tested on numerous screen sizes and resolutions to bring a more unified and improved user experience.

App launch

Because of Apple's stringent Guidelines, developers sometimes struggle to get the application approved. On the other hand, Google does not have such strict entry requirements - although their updated policy could indicate greater selectivity when selecting apps. This can add extra cost to the process of developing an app, regardless of the platform.

We can observe that there is no single answer to the question, "how much it costs to develop an Android app?" due to the variety of factors that influence the overall Android app development cost.

However, we have an answer on how to cut overall expenses during an Android app development project. Consider exploring ways to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

How to Cut Android App Development Costs?

1. Create a project requirement document

When beginning your Android app development project, having a plan is essential. For this, you should create a product requirement document describing the features of your Android app and the proposed technology stack you would use for developing the app.
Your document should include the company background, app features, timeline, the idea behind its development, anticipated budget and necessary platform specifications.

2. Prioritize features

In the Android app development planning phase, gather with your team to identify necessary and feasible features you want to include in your app. Reduce the list to have only the most effective and logical options. After running a prototype of the application in the field, take feedback to determine where improvements are needed and proceed with developing your app.

3. Develop an MVP

To save on Android app development charges, create a minimal viable product(MVP) with only limited & essential features. End users and mobile app developers can use this to test for any potential issues during the early stages of development. Taking this proactive approach will allow for any problems to be rapidly solved.

4. Choose the right app development company

An experienced Android app development company can give you the best return on investment. Ensure it fits your personal preferences and financial constraints for optimal results.

How can Plusone Technologies help with your Android app development?

Plusone Technologies is a dedicated & experienced Android app development company offering expert services in consultation, UI/UX design, testing and multi-platform deployment to ensure scalability. Our suite of services provides the entire process for successful Android app development.
Android offers a range of advantages when it comes to mobile app development. To capitalise on this platform, it is essential to understand the various factors that can affect your Android app development costs. Speak to our specialists if you have further questions.

FAQs on Android app development cost

1. Does it cost money to publish an app on the play store?

Ans. Google charges a one-time fee of $25 to publish an Android app on the Play Store. With so many apps on Google Play and its updated privacy policy, it might take several hours and even days to get your app approved. Partnering with a mobile app development company is the best way to ensure a speedy publication process and create a high-quality, successful application.

2. How much will it cost to create an Android app?

Ans. By using this simple formula, it is possible to estimate the Android app development charges. Calculating the hours spent in development multiplied by the billable hours of resources spent should provide an accurate total.

3. Can I develop an Android app for free?

Ans. Yes, you can create your Android app prototype for any device. You need to learn Android development to design awesome apps. Still, we suggest you contact an experienced app development company to develop an effective app for your business while achieving a better outcome.

4. How much does the Play Store pay per app download?

Ans. Google does not pay developers for downloads of their apps on the Play Store. Instead, developers can monetize their apps by setting prices, including ads, or offering in-app purchases. When users purchase the app or these in-app features, the developer will be given a percentage of the sale.

5. What is the average app development cost?

Ans. Usually, the cost of Android app development can range from $20,000 to $300,000 and higher, depending on various factors such as complexity, desired features and other project specifics. To get an exact estimation of your particular project expenses, it's best to contact an experienced Android app development company.