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Leveraging the potential of tech to empower students..


Downloads since the app’s launch in 2021.


Stars received from over 1,000 reviews..


Tutor-student matches made so far.


We provided students with a convenient and accessible way to choose and access high-quality education.


Bringing together the flexibility of both online and offline teaching on the web and mobile

We’re proud to have delivered a customized solution that addresses students’ unique needs and empowers tutors to make a meaningful impact in the education industry.

“An app that truly addresses the needs of students & tutors alike”

- Aryavir Shukla, App User

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The Background

One of our clients wanted to come up with an app where students can search for tutors based on their subject expertise and teaching style.

The Challenge

TheShakeHand had to be an equally valuable resource for tutors as well, helping them build their client base. This meant that the app needed to enable tutors to showcase their skills and expertise to potential students and offer tools and resources for managing their tutoring business.

The Solution

In addition to designing a user-friendly interface and effective search algorithms for students to find tutors, we incorporated features such as personalized profiles, class rates, feedback, student progress monitoring, scheduling and payment management, and analytics dashboards to enable tutors to effectively market their services and track their performance on the platform.


The future of education, bringing together technology and human expertise

We were excited to be a part of a solution that was making a real difference in the lives of students and tutors, and we poured our hearts into making it a success. Today, TheShakeHand has been recognized for its innovation and impact.


“I couldn't be more proud of what our team has accomplished in collaboration with PlusOne.”

Founder, TheShakeHand


How We Succeeded

Through countless hours of hard work, collaboration, and ingenuity, we were able to achieve the vision. TheShakeHand has received overwhelming positive feedback from users and has already helped thousands of students and tutors. We're thrilled to see it thriving today and we have no doubt that it will continue to make a meaningful impact.


Deployed Expertise

After evaluating several partners, the client chose Plsuone for two important and interrelated reasons: our engineers had the technical expertise and we recognized the scope and purpose of the project. And we delivered the app on time & budget with a collaborative approach & attention to detail.


Brainstormed Ideas

Numerous engineers were involved in this project, each contributing their own ideas and unique concepts. By weaving together our creative ideas, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we were able to create an app that surpassed our client's expectations.


Leveraged Technology

We wanted to build a platform that was both functional and innovative so we stayed up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the food industry. We invested heavily in research and development to ensure that our platform was built on the most advanced and reliable technologies available.


Embraced the Vision

We fully embraced the client's vision for TheShakeHand app and made it our own, investing our time and energy into every aspect of the project. From conceptualization to deployment, we worked tirelessly to ensure that we create a design-centric app that users love.

left-quote-light.svg At Plusone Technologies, we are proud to say that the app we developed has helped facilitate successful learning experiences for both learners and educators. We will continue to work with TheShakeHand team to ensure that the app remains a valuable tool.

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