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Leveraging the potential of tech to digitize astrology consultation.


Downloads since the app’s launch in 2022.


Stars received from over 2,000 reviews.


Astrology consultations completed so far.


We provided querents with an innovative, secure, and ease-of-use platform that transformed the way they receive astrological guidance.


A seamless astrological experience, connecting people with live astrologers in real-time.

Our mobile and web apps enable users to easily connect with astrologers and receive accurate horoscope predictions and personalized guidance, all from the convenience of their devices.

“This app changed my life, thank you developers”

- Pranitka Bhanushali, App User

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The Background

The client set out to modernize the ancient practice and bring it to the fingertips of millions worldwide. PlusOne took on the challenge of making this happen.

The Challenge

Developing apps that could provide an authentic astrology experience was challenging. Our team had to ensure that the apps adhered to traditional astrological practices, while also making them accessible to a modern audience. Additionally, the apps had to be secure and protected users' privacy.

The Solution

We incorporated birth chart analysis and planetary alignment readings into the apps. The user-friendly interface made it easy for users to navigate and receive guidance from astrologers. PlusOne's commitment to privacy and security ensured that users could trust with their personal information. The result was apps that provided a modern twist on an ancient tradition.


From Vision to Reality: PlusOne's Creation of The Astro Pandit Apps

PlusOne's team of experts created mobile & web apps that provided a robust and interactive experience for users to get their horoscope predictions using the science of astrology. We also made it accessible to users worldwide.


“Our partnership with PlusOne enabled us to showcase our transcendent Astrology app to the world!”

Founder, The Astro Pandit


How We Succeeded

The Astro Pandit app developed by us has transcended traditional horoscope prediction methods by offering real-time live online consultations with expert astrologers. The successful development and launch of our mobile & web apps have empowered users to gain insights into their future, transforming the astrology industry.


Crafted the Concept

We worked closely with the client to craft a comprehensive concept for their astrology apps to develop personalized concepts that meet their specific needs. Through in-depth research and consultations with expert astrologers, we were able to offer users the unique ability to chat with astrologers live.


Leveraged Technology

When we first started working with The Astro Pandit, we were beyond excited to have the opportunity to create an app that would change the world of astrology. We utilized the latest technology available to us to develop both the mobile and web apps, ensuring seamless user experience across all devices.


Focused on Users

Every step of the development process was focused on addressing the user's needs, from the interface to the horoscope readings. We understood that astrology is a deeply personal and meaningful practice for many, and we were determined to ensure that both the apps were designed with the user in mind.


Ensured Responsiveness

Whether users were accessing from their smartphone or from their desktop computer, we wanted to ensure that they would have a seamless experience, with all the functionality they needed. This meant paying close attention to every detail, from the layout of the app to the responsiveness of its features.

left-quote-light.svg At Plusone Technologies, we are proud to say that the app we developed is a testament to our commitment to creating great software solutions, utilizing sophisticated technologies, and delivering exceptional user experiences.

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