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Leveraging the potential of tech to enhance Client’s brand reputation.


Conversions since the website’s launch in 2019.


Visitors to the website as of 2019.


Average time spent on the website.


We provided visitors with an immersive experience, making it easy to curate & customize their dream vacations.


Stunning front-end website designs that created a seamless & intuitive digital interface

With our visually stunning and user-friendly front-end website design, we enabled Holiday Trible to foster customer loyalty and drive business growth.

“Browsing through the packages was a breeze.”

- Aarish Iyer, App User

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The Background

Client is a travel tech company that offers customized travel packages to leisure travellers. They needed a user-friendly website to showcase their services.

The Challenge

We were tasked to create a website that would capture the essence of Holiday Tribe's unique selling proposition - customized travel packages tailored to individual customer interests. The website had to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and provide a seamless experience.

The Solution

The website was designed with the user in mind, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. We created a clean, modern website that made it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed. We leveraged the latest web technologies to create a visually appealing website that was optimized for performance and speed.


Empowering Holiday Tribe's vision with a gorgeous web design.

With our focus on client satisfaction and attention to detail, we went above and beyond to deliver a website that perfectly captures the essence of Holiday Tribe's brand and sets them apart from the competition.


“With their innovative approach, we now have a website that showcases our brand perfectly.”

Founder, Holiday TribeChirag Goyal


How We Succeeded

We take great pride in our partnership with Holiday Tribe and the success of the project. Since the launch of the new site, we have seen a significant increase in traffic and engagement, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales. We look forward to continued collaboration with the client to help them achieve even greater metrics.


Captivating Design

We created a visually appealing front-end design that showcases the client’s unique and personalized travel packages. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure every element of the design is aligned with the brand's values, resulting in a website that is both eye-catching and intuitive.


Added Flexibility

Holiday Tribe is all about customized and personalized travel experiences, and we wanted to reflect this on their website. We created a dynamic & flexible site with every aspect, from the layout & design to the functionality & content, allowing users to tailor their travel packages to their preferences.


Focused on Results

At Plusone, we believe that a successful website is one that not only looks great but also drives business growth. Through strategic placement of call-to-action buttons and personalized recommendations, we were able to increase conversion rates and drive more sales for the brand.


Smart Algorithms

We took a step further by integrating smart algorithms and advanced analytics to provide truly personalized recommendations for every visitor based on their past travel history and interests. By doing so, we were able to provide visitors with an unparalleled level of experience from start to finish.

left-quote-light.svg At Plusone Technologies, we are proud to say that the app we developed has not only boosted Client’s online presence but also helped them reach a wider audience.

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